What we offer as a Service

The team at Zenien are experts in Alarms and Access Control. We are able to install Alarms and Access Control systems in all aspects of corporate environments and high-end residential living. Our services don’t just stop with an intrusion alarm, we also install and maintain access control, joint alarm and access control, gate automation, integration into CCTV systems and analytics, and many more services.

By using an intrusion alarm, you protect your companies’ assets, and then integrating the access control simple, you then allow senior management teams to control access to restricted areas, as well the ability to track and monitor access and data. The systems we implement are simple, robust and can be controlled anywhere in the world.

Rather than specialising in multiple alarm systems and access control systems like others, we try to focus on a key few large brands in the industry, to ensure we are the best of the best when you need a solution! Challenger, Paradox and Inception/Integriti are our panel’s we specialise in, but having said that, our expert knowledge means we can help you regardless of your intrusion system/access control query.

Some of our authorised resellers:

What if you already have a system in place? We also recommend regularly maintenance on any Intrusion Alarm or Access control system to make sure its functional. You don’t want to find out when its too late that the system malfunctioned in a time of need. Reach out to us today to enquire about this!

We are not in the business of selling a solution that is ineffective or not required. We will work with you to produce a solution that gives you the best return on investment. We will not sell you a solution that you do not need or is beyond your requirements. Back in 2009, we were one of the only businesses running out of Perth that supported a large range of CCTV solutions because of our IT knowledge.

We support a large range of technology from Onsite Consultancy and support, to monitoring, to ALARM fit outs, to supplying hardware, software, alarm and access control support, remote work, wireless solutions, and so on…

Our hardware list is extensive, and we are authorised resellers of major hardware partners include Tecom (Challenger), Paradox, C4, Inteception, Integriti, Inner Range, Bosch, Hills Reliance.

We want to work along side you as the client, not as your outsourced Alarm company, but to be part of the family, without having to employ someone on a full time basis.

Got a problem? Don’t let it stay a problem, get it fixed today! Give us a call or fill out our contact page form and we look forward to discussing what we can offer you!