Zenien receive letter of congratulations from Toodyay Community Safety and Crime Prevention Association

Zenien was very proud to receive a letter recently from the Toodyay Community Safety and Crime Prevention Association congratulating us on the quality of our work and CCTV system installed in the town of Toodyay.

The Letter reads:


Post Office Box 427, Toodyay WA 6566
Telephone: 9574 2212 (Toodyay Police)
Telephone: 6364 3609 (Secretary)
Facsimile: 9574 5574

Mr Cameron Watts
4/25 Tulloch Way
Canning Vale WA 6155
15 October 2012
Dear Cameron,
The Toodyay Community Safety and Crime Prevention Association Inc wishes to extend their congratulations on the installation of a superb CCTV system in the Toodyay townsite.

The quality of this system, and the service you have provided during its installation and commissioning, is second to none. We would like to commend Zenien for the interest shown in making sure your product performs to the specifications you have provided.

The value the system is providing the town will most likely never be known, for it is as much a deterrent as it is an eye on the street. But it has been responsible for the apprehension of persons responsible for anti-social behaviour, including graffiti vandalism and other more serious activities.

We thank you again, and look forward to working with you to expand the system in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Sutton


A PDF copy can be viewed here: LetterfromToodyay

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