Zenien complete 1st phase of Wagin CCTV Rollout


Posted by admin | Posted in Zenien Content | Posted on 29-05-2011

Recently, Zenien completed the first phase of a IP CCTV system for the small Western Australian country town called Wagin. Famous for this annual “Woolorama” and the “Giant Ram”, Wagin has seen increased levels of anti-social behaviour and minor criminal activity. The local Shire was successful in a grant application to the WA State Government. They then engaged Zenien to design and implement a wirelessly connected IP CCTV system that allowed the Police to control and react to events.

Having had prior experience with small country towns, Zenien Director Cameron Watts believed that an approach to keep as much of the grant funding in the local community would ultimately benefit the town. As such, IT engineers from Zenien worked closely and trained Wagin based electricians during the install phase. The idea is that local expertise will be able to maintain and repair the system for many years to come. This furthered the notion that this project was for the community and with a certain ownership and involvement from the community that we believe will benefit the area in the future.

The first phase of the system involved a mixture of Axis and Mobotix cameras all feeding wirelessly to a central location. The main backbone feed relays the CCTV images back to a secure location where the server is stored. We also included a computer and big screen monitor in the local Police station to allow the police to monitor the cameras and as such a large area of town from their offices. A mixture of fixed and HDTV Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras were used and the system was planned in such a way as to allow for expansion in subsequent phases.

It is still too early to tell if the CCTV system at Wagin has had a measurable impact on crime statistics etc, however we firmly believe that is will make its presence felt and help to make Wagin a safer, happier place to live and work. Zenien received extremely positive feedback both on their work and also the effectiveness of the system.

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