Axis Communications dropping support for older products


Posted by Cameron | Posted in Blog | Posted on 30-05-2009

I was doing a install of 2 new IP based security cameras for a client.. This client had an existing IP camera infrastructure of 4 x Axis 2100 Cameras.. These were good cameras in their time and they still served the client well.. what he did want was to monitor extra areas that were not covered by his existing camera system…

We purhased 1 x Axis 210 network camera and 1 x Axis 210a network camera (with sound)… These cameras were not exactly the most cost effective solution but were good quality and my client believed that they would have less trouble integrating into his existing system..

We decided to move away from the current Milestone solution to us Axis Camera Station.. You would generally assume that Axis’ software would be the best software to run the suite of Axis cameras we had installed.. however a few versions ago, Axis had dropped support (for no particular reason) for the Axis 2100 cameras.. IMHO this is simply blatant profiteering and extremely poor customer service… Sure if they had dropped support for a competing product, that would be understandable, but to drop their own products that were still working perfectly?

Sorry Axis, you just lost a repeat client and $1800 worth of software sales.. You’ve also lost some of the confidence of a reseller/installer..

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