Zenien awarded City of Belmont 3 year CCTV contract


Posted by Cameron | Posted in Blog | Posted on 28-12-2009

Zenien has been announced as the successful tenderer of a 3 year contract for the provision and installation of CCTV and related security solutions by the City of Belmont. We are proud of our efforts thus far and are excited by the opportunities this decision has created. We will be working with the City of Belmont, commercial property owners, property developers and the community to design and install industry leading CCTV/Security solutions.

We will be using some of the latest technology for CCTV cameras, event triggering systems, networking solutions and recording systems. We expect to fully utilise our ever increasing experience with such installations to help make the City of Belmont and surrounds the area of choice to live, work and establish businesses. We firmly believe that together with our partners and the City of Belmont themselves, we will make this project a model for organisations to meet their security goals in the future.

Predominately using ETCorps GPACSystem for our security solutions, we will also be bringing some of the latest directional wireless, wireless mesh, IP Cameras and fibre optic technologies to our overall solutions. Together with Cary’s Electrical Services, we have worked hard on developing our solutions and installation techniques to be cost effective, long lasting and top quality.

Whilst the City of Belmont contract will certainly keep us busy, we are also following up a significant amount of other opportunities with similar local government bodies, commercial enterprises and some of our industrial clients. Finally the security industry is evolving away from analogue and traditional monitoring into a more cost effective, higher quality and self aware systems.

Zenien highlighted in WALGA Western Councillor publication


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Zenien was recently highlighted in the Western Australian Local Government Association’s “Western Councillor” publication for our work in the installation of the GPAC CCTV system at Kooyong road in Rivervale.

To read the publication or find more information, please go to:


Kooyong Road Rivervale – CCTV system


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Zenien has completed and launched the Kooyong Road Rivervale CCTV project for the City of Belmont. The system was a pilot project for City of Belmont and Zenien, in partnership with Cary’s Electrical services was contracted to complete the design, installation and commissioning of the system. The project consisted of installing 2 pole mounted CCTV cameras with advanced anti-tamper measures an highly secure wireless networking links. The cameras were IP/Network based and communicated with a central server which can be monitored across the Internet using a web browser or an iPhone.

We also integrated numerous analogue cameras and added some internal IP based CCTV cameras to complete the solution. Furthermore, Zenien installed advanced triggering systems to detect alarm conditions and duress alerts in both commercial and residential locations. The GPAC system we installed has a myriad of actions based on set input or conditions, for example it can force cameras in the area to Pan/Tilt and Zoom to locations that are covering the area of interest or triggered location and at the same time alert guards to attend the area.

The system can be monitored across the Internet from any location and the systems superior software allows the WA Police to login to the system without requiring any additional software (generally forbidden for information security reasons).

Below are a few photos from the project. Wireless antenna arrayZenien PTZ Camera installationZenien PTZ CCTV Camera install 2

The system was launched by the City of Belmont Mayor and other esteemed guests on 20 November 2009. Zenien and ETCorp followed up with a hugely successful breakfast at Burswood on the 25 November 2009 which sparked much interest in the security/CCTV markets. Zenien is currently in discussions with a significant number of interested parties to see if our solution is suitable for their specific needs.

More details about the system and the case study associated can be found at


Case study/info:



Windows XP logs off straight after login from the welcome screen


Posted by Cameron | Posted in Zenien Content | Posted on 24-09-2009

I had a client who rang me with a problem where whenever he logged in (click on a user icon from the Windows XP Welcome screen) it would attempt to login but would log off again before it showed the desktop. The problem was persistent for all user accounts and even in safe mode..

It ended up being caused by a virus or spyware caused problem… I fixed it by the following process

1. Booted up with the windows xp cd
2. Entered recovery (using R option when first prompted)
3. expand d:\i386\userinit.ex_ c:\temp
4. Copy c:\temp\userinit.exe c:\windows\system32
5. Copy c:\temp\userinit.exe c:\windows\system32\wsaupdater.exe

Reboot computer…

After the computer is rebooted, ensure that it has up-to-date Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware/Spyware software

SBS 2003 not receiving LAN network Traffic or responding to ping


Posted by Cameron | Posted in Zenien Content | Posted on 10-08-2009

I had an interesting yet rather frustrating problem with a Microsoft Small Business Servers 2003 (SBS 2003) today. The client rang me saying that they were not receiving emails.. After spending some time on the phone I realised that the outlook status was “disconnected” I logged into the server via VPN and it all looked fine. Exchange was responding to SMTP traffic, the VPN connected fine, the server could access the internet and nothing was evidently in error in the event log…

The server was a single NIC HP Server, behind a pretty standard router on and ADSL2+ connection.

A rough list of symptoms included:

  • Server Internet connection OK
  • Server receiving Internet OK
  • Server could ping and traceroute other LAN servers/devices OK
  • RRAS Services running and working OK
  • Exchange accepting emails (but not landing in the client inboxes due to the disconnected state)
  • Ping from any LAN based system fails
  • Ping from the router itself fails (to LAN IP)

I tried the usual things, while gradually increasing my frustration levels as things didn’t work, like:

None of this worked .. Eventually the only thing I could think of was either

1. A NIC fault – but that didnt make sence, the server could send and receive traffic fine
2. A problem with routing on the server..

I checked all the routing tables in RRAS, they all looked fine. Eventually I disabled the routing and remote access services entirely (with the idea of re-building/configuring it).. But even that did not let the server respond.. until … I left it in a disabled/off/removed state and rebooted the server.. After a reboot it all came good. LAN could ping the server and the client’s outlook connected to exchange and downloaded the emails..

In summary, the only thing I could think of was that something in the routing table of RRAS was faulty.. A restart of the service or server did not release the fault. Next time I’ll check the routing table in more detail and see if I can see issues. Either way, a solution is a solution and I will remember this for future reference.

Fixing Firefox and Safari not Working on a Mac


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Recently we experienced a problem on a Macbook Pro running Leopard. When trying to open web sites with Firefox or Safari they would not load. Perplexingly Skype still worked fine and Skype calls would work perfectly. When trying to diagnose the issue via Terminal the DNS was resolving properly and the laptop could ping websites fine. So that left us pretty confused as to what could cause the issue.

We did a bunch of Google searches to no real avail until we read of someone having a similar issue on Windows XP. They rebuilt the IP Stack and the problem went away. Small catch? There is no easy way to do this on a Mac. But it turns out if you delete the Network Preferences .plist file and do a reboot you will fix the problem. You will also lose all of your specific network settings but with this problem the alternative is to do a re-install, so it was quite an acceptable loss.

So what did we do?

  1. Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)
  2. Run these two commands:

    cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

    sudo rm preferences.plist

  3. Reboot

And that was it! Upon rebooting the Mac restored all the network devices and we reconnected to the local network and Firefox and Safari worked fine 🙂

Zenien is now a member of Bartercard


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Zenien recently became a member of BarterCard International..( http://www.bartercard.com ) We hope that this will assist many of our clients who are also members to get premium IT services using Bartercard trade dollars. We also welcome the networking opportunities and access to new markets, services and suppliers that this membership should open for Zenien..

Axis Communications dropping support for older products


Posted by Cameron | Posted in Blog | Posted on 30-05-2009

I was doing a install of 2 new IP based security cameras for a client.. This client had an existing IP camera infrastructure of 4 x Axis 2100 Cameras.. These were good cameras in their time and they still served the client well.. what he did want was to monitor extra areas that were not covered by his existing camera system…

We purhased 1 x Axis 210 network camera and 1 x Axis 210a network camera (with sound)… These cameras were not exactly the most cost effective solution but were good quality and my client believed that they would have less trouble integrating into his existing system..

We decided to move away from the current Milestone solution to us Axis Camera Station.. You would generally assume that Axis’ software would be the best software to run the suite of Axis cameras we had installed.. however a few versions ago, Axis had dropped support (for no particular reason) for the Axis 2100 cameras.. IMHO this is simply blatant profiteering and extremely poor customer service… Sure if they had dropped support for a competing product, that would be understandable, but to drop their own products that were still working perfectly?

Sorry Axis, you just lost a repeat client and $1800 worth of software sales.. You’ve also lost some of the confidence of a reseller/installer..

Zenien is now an approved iiNet agent


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iiNet logo - Authorised Agent

iiNet logo - Authorised Agent

Zenien is now an approved iiNet agent, further increasing the fantastic services that we can offer to our clients…

If you are looking for the best broadband services available Australia wide, please contact Zenien for advice.. We can discuss with you the best broadband, nakedDSL or VOIP solutions for your home or business requirements and we can also assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your connection…

If you want to browse iiNet’s products and services or wish to sign up, please use this link:


Cat6 Ethernet reaches 10Gbit – viable fibre replacement?


Posted by Cameron | Posted in Blog | Posted on 11-05-2009

Although not mainstream yet, the ISO standard behind the 10GBASE-T (and similar) is here and commercially available.. 10 Gbit today seems like a crazy speed to push over a single copper cat6 cab.. What could you possibly need that kind of speed for?

Traditionally, networking communications have been the bottleneck in computer communications ability.. however with effectively 10 times the current 1Gbit standard, 10Gbit Ethernet pushes the onus back onto the computer system architecture as the bottleneck. When you think about it, the SATA2 hard drive standard pushes 300Mbit/s data throughput.. The network can now run at over 30 times what the hard drive can deliver… Sure RAID technology and SAS/SCSI increases this substantially, but still doesn’t get close to the network ability.

So when would you use 10Gbit networking?

All this begs the question.. will my systems benefit from 10Gbit networking? Well it really depends on what you want to do.. at the moment 10Gbit technology is stupidly expensive so you really need a good reason to invest in this technology and prove return on investment. IMHO for most instances, 1Gbit when setup with well thought our design, redundancy and possible Link aggregation (multiple 1gbit connections treated as one multi-gbit connection with full redundancy) will suffice nicely.

In the near future 10Gbit networking will come into its own when you do some of the following services:

  1. Virtualisation solutions using multiple servers and iSCSI SAN solutions
  2. Backbone connection connections (under 100 meters distance) say between two buildings or floors of a building where riser space is limited.
  3. iSCSI based backup or data replication solutions between high end and high performance Storage Area Networks

The industry’s response

This kind of bandwidth is nothing to be sneezed at, we will always need and use more throughput and the industry is working hard to develop systems and server that can make use of this phenomenal speed. A good example is Intel’s new Xeon 5500 processors and supporting architecture. (http://communities.intel.com/community/openportit/server/blog/2009/04/03/need-to-get-the-most-out-of-10-gigabit-use-nehalem) . The next few years will see more and more systems that are capable of pushing these data links to the limits.

What should I do now?

In my humble opinion, for the moment steer clear of the 10Gbit capable switches, routers and network cards. It is terribly expensive for what it is (a single port network card will cost around $1000 AUD). You can generally get sufficient performance out of 1Gbit technology and link aggregation switching. Bear in mind that the standard still has the 100meter cable length limit and consider fibre for longer runs.

All that aside, 10Gbit is on its way and will be the norm in approx 4 or 5 years. We know what the requirements are for it, its here now and accessible. Cat6 cabling… If you are planning on doing any cable runs, avoid Cat5e unless you are on a strict budget.. the cost difference is barely worth considering given the future proofing that this cabling can give you
(not to mention numerous other benefits). Cary’s and Zenien have the IT experts and cabling specialists to discuss, plan and install all your Cat6 networking requirements.

Still want 10Gbit?

If you really do think you have a need for 10Gbit networking, no worries.. Give Cary’s Electrical Services or Zenien a call, we will meet with you to discuss your business requirements and assist you in planning your networking infrastructure requirements. We don’t just run the cable, we work with you to effectively deliver optimum results and system integration that exceed your expectations.