Zenien highlighted in WALGA Western Councillor publication

Zenien was recently highlighted in the Western Australian Local Government Association’s “Western Councillor” publication for our work in the installation of the GPAC CCTV system at Kooyong road in Rivervale. To read the publication or find more information, please go to: http://www.walga.asn.au/news-publications/publications/western-councillor/western_councillor_2009/WAL%2020981%20WC%20Nov%2009.pdf

Kooyong Road Rivervale – CCTV system

Zenien has completed and launched the Kooyong Road Rivervale CCTV project for the City of Belmont. The system was a pilot project for City of Belmont and Zenien, in partnership with Cary’s Electrical services was contracted to complete the design, installation and commissioning of the system. The project consisted of installing 2 pole mounted CCTV […]

Windows XP logs off straight after login from the welcome screen

I had a client who rang me with a problem where whenever he logged in (click on a user icon from the Windows XP Welcome screen) it would attempt to login but would log off again before it showed the desktop. The problem was persistent for all user accounts and even in safe mode.. It […]

SBS 2003 not receiving LAN network Traffic or responding to ping

I had an interesting yet rather frustrating problem with a Microsoft Small Business Servers 2003 (SBS 2003) today. The client rang me saying that they were not receiving emails.. After spending some time on the phone I realised that the outlook status was “disconnected” I logged into the server via VPN and it all looked […]

Fixing Firefox and Safari not Working on a Mac

Recently we experienced a problem on a Macbook Pro running Leopard. When trying to open web sites with Firefox or Safari they would not load. Perplexingly Skype still worked fine and Skype calls would work perfectly. When trying to diagnose the issue via Terminal the DNS was resolving properly and the laptop could ping websites […]

Zenien is now a member of Bartercard

Zenien recently became a member of BarterCard International..( http://www.bartercard.com ) We hope that this will assist many of our clients who are also members to get premium IT services using Bartercard trade dollars. We also welcome the networking opportunities and access to new markets, services and suppliers that this membership should open for Zenien..

Axis Communications dropping support for older products

I was doing a install of 2 new IP based security cameras for a client.. This client had an existing IP camera infrastructure of 4 x Axis 2100 Cameras.. These were good cameras in their time and they still served the client well.. what he did want was to monitor extra areas that were not […]

Zenien is now an approved iiNet agent

Zenien is now an approved iiNet agent, further increasing the fantastic services that we can offer to our clients… If you are looking for the best broadband services available Australia wide, please contact Zenien for advice.. We can discuss with you the best broadband, nakedDSL or VOIP solutions for your home or business requirements and […]

Cat6 Ethernet reaches 10Gbit – viable fibre replacement?

Although not mainstream yet, the ISO standard behind the 10GBASE-T (and similar) is here and commercially available.. 10 Gbit today seems like a crazy speed to push over a single copper cat6 cab.. What could you possibly need that kind of speed for? Traditionally, networking communications have been the bottleneck in computer communications ability.. however […]

hiding index.php using htaccess- looping redirect

A client recently had a problem with a website that they had moved from one server to another.. both were cpanel hosted servers and looked to be similar configuration. The issue he faced was that the .htaccess file he used before now caused infinite loops when going to the main page. The .htaccess file was […]

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