City of Belmont recognise Zenien with the 2018 Opportunity Award


Posted by Cameron | Posted in Zenien Content | Posted on 07-10-2018

Cameron Watts is amazingly proud of the Zenien team being extremely privileged to accept the City of Belmont 2018 Opportunity Award “For working in partnership with the City of Belmont to achieve an outstanding safety and security system for the citizens of the City”

The award was presented last night at the City’s annual Mayoral Dinner and Zenien’s name will be engraved in a plaque housed at the City of Belmont as the 21’st winner of this prestigious award.

Since 2009 Zenien has been contracted to the City of Belmont for their CCTV solutions and we have grown the network to over 370 cameras and seen measurable results in significant reductions in crime for the City’s residents, businesses and visitors. The City of Belmont’s CCTV system quickly became the benchmark for Network City Surveillance and the Zenien team are extremely proud to play their part in making the City a safer place to live and work.

Cameron Watts wishes to sincerely thank the City of Belmont for the recognition and honour of being selected for this award as well as their ongoing support and business.

City of Belmont 2018 Opportunity Award Trophy 2018 City of Belmont Opportunity Award

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