Zenien asked to present at Community forum on the National Broadband network


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Tonight Zenien presented to a community forum organised by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. Together with Senator Stephen Conroy and other esteemed guest from NextGen Networks, The WA Government and NBN Co, Zenien discussed the benefits of the National Broadband network for our clients and CCTV installations.

We would like to thank both iiNet and the Dept of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy for the fantastic opportunity to present at this forum and share our excitement about the NBN rollout.

For more information about how Zenien and the forthcoming National Broadband network could assist your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Zenien showcases leading edge CCTV technology to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd


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Zenien was proud to showcase its latest CCTV installation to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at a meeting to highlight the use of Safer Suburbs funding.

Cameron Watts (Zenien) demonstrating our CCTV system to the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

The meeting briefed the Prime Minister on the joint initiative between The Kewdale Tavern, The Coxon Group and The City of Belmont which has resulted in the successful implementation of a new CCTV system at the re-developed Kewdale Tavern.  Zenien in partnership with its sister company Cary’s Electrical Services installed 31 cameras and the associated infrastructure within a tight deadline overcoming many challenges that would have been associated with conventional CCTV systems.

The advanced technology installed by Zenien enables users to quickly and easily access high quality footage with images that can be forwarded direct to the appropriate authorities.  The technology has features which ensure easy location of captured instances and includes motion detection and very low light capability.

The Prime Minister showed a great deal of interest in how the system was capable of enhancing the security in the area, as well as integrating with City of Belmont infrastructure, community assets and local businesses. The Kewdale Tavern installation is a hub for future expansion of the City of Belmont CCTV program providing a secure environment for people working and living in the area.

Dennis Graesslin from Zenien said “The system was designed to utilise the most advanced cameras for the application and to effectively integrate this with the best CCTV video management software currently available.  This allowed us to achieve the best outcome for our clients”.  The partnership between Zenien and Cary’s Electrical Services ensured smooth application of the technology from design, to implementation with skills from both organisations called upon to effectively deliver the project.

Zenien staff with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at Zenien CCTV launch


If you would like more information on Zenien and its capabilities, please contact Cameron Watts or Dennis Graesslin on 08 9330 4592 or email sales@zenien.com.au

Zenien complete City of Swan “Oscar” trailer mounted camera systems


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Bosch MIC 400 Extreme Camera

Recently Zenien completed the electrical and Information technology requirements for two “Oscar” trailer mounted camera systems. Designed and installed for the City of Swan in Perth Western Australia, the systems are rugged, park anywhere and monitor remotely surveillance devices.

Using mostly Bosch technology with Zenien know how, the “Oscar” trailers will be used in during events such as concerts and the Spring in the Valley festival. They will also be used to remotely monitor and record crime problem areas or areas where graffiti and anti-social behaviour have been observed.

The trailers have the capability to be monitored and controlled either using localised wireless networking systems or across the internet using 3G mobile access. We are also looking at extending the remote capabilities in various other ways such as wireless mesh solutions.

The cameras we used were the Bosch MIC 400 Extreme Cameras. These cameras are impressive feats of engineering and typical Bosch quality and innovation. IP68 rated with brushless motors for ultra reliability, the MIC 400 camera also has an impressive optical features.

The cameras are mounted on telescopic camera poles that are elevated using pressurised air to an approximate height of 7 metres. This system gives a fantastic birds-eye view and is vandal resistant.

Oscar 1 testingThese systems were launched by Hon Brendan O’Connor – Federal Minister for Home Affairs on 4 May 2010 and Zenien has received a considerable amount of interest and positive feedback.

Zenien would like to thank the City of Swan for the opportunity to work on such an interesting project and for their amazing engineering skills. We would also like to thank Bosch, MEY Equipment and Cary’s Electrical Services for all their fantastic assistance and efforts.

Zenien – Rapid Deployment Camera System


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Zenien has developed a Rapid Deployment Camera System.

This product uses the latest in camera technology and can be easily located and relocated from site to site with minimum effort.  The system can be customised to suit almost any application.

Data is stored internally and can be access by built-in WiFi or 3G modem for remote viewing.

The Zenien Rapid Deployment Camera System has been developed specifically for the harsh WA environment and contains many features that are not available on other system.

For more information on this technology contact Zenien today or download our PDF information brochure Zenien – Rapid Deployment Camera System

Axis new modular video surveillance control devices


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Axis has recently released new modular video surveillance control devices. The T8310 Series control devices are a welcome alternative to the existing Axis 295 joystick system and further enhances the ability to easily control Zenien’s CCTV systems.

Zenien’s Milestone clients should have existing support for these joysticks. Our GPAC System clients may have a short wait, but we are sure GPAC will support such devices in the near future. With the new release of GPAC and its new PTZ controls, devices such as this can bring the monitoring centre capabilities to your nearest web browsers.

Axis T8310 series video surveillance control devices

AXIS T8310 Video Surveillance Control Board comprises 3 units:

AXIS T8311 Video Surveillance Joystick, a three-axis joystick with a turn knob for pan/tilt/zoom control and six push buttons. It gives responsive and accurate control of all Axis PTZ and PTZ dome network cameras.

AXIS T8312 Video Surveillance Keypad, has ten application defined hotkeys and 12 preset keys and is used to navigate quickly between workspaces, cameras, views and PTZ presets

AXIS T8313 Video Surveillance Jog Dial, used to jog and dial through recorded video, has apart from the navigation dial also six application defined hotkeys.

Please contact Zenien if you would like more information on these control devices, ETCorp’s GPACSystems or Milestone solutions.

Zenien is now a Certified Milestone Partner


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Zenien are pleased to announce that as of March 2010 and the successful completion of the Milestone Advanced Certification course we are now Gold partners with Milestone.

This makes Zenien one of only a few certified Milestone installers in Western Australia, and what we believe to be the only practising certified partners in the state. This makes us the obvious choice for any Milestone installations in this area. We are also happy to service the Northern Territory (Zenien and Cary’s Electtrical Services already have a presence in NT) and South Australia.

Key staff at Zenien travelled to Sydney for the week long Advanced Certification course recently which included the Analytics component (facial/licence plate recognition and other features).

Milestone Xprotect is one of the premier CCTV, automation and control system worldwide. With over 60,000 installations, support for almost 1000 different IP camera models and an open platform for 3rd party integration, Milestone is the most advanced systems Zenien has used.

For more information on Milestone, please visit http://www.milestonesys.com

If you would like to discuss your requirements or would like to see a demonstration of Milestone, please contact us.

Milestone Advance Certified

Checklist/Questions when selecting a CCTV system and supplier


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  1. Is your supplier providing you with the latest innovative IP based/digital technologies?
  2. Do they offer solutions from the full range of available products?
  3. Does the product meet your requirements or is your supplier moulding the requirements to their product?
  4. Is the provider a Licenced Security Agent (registered in WA) and do they have Licenced Security Installers and Consultants working for them?
  5. Does the supplier have an Information Technology background, with industry knowledge into IP routing, firewalls and wireless security systems?
  6. Does the supplier have excellent knowledge of electrical installations and regulations, specific standards for poles for the relevant traffic speeds?
  7. Has your supplier demonstrated a full understanding of the product they are offering and can they demonstrate on a working site how the system works?
  8. Does the supplier have a full understanding of other products in the market and can they explain why their proposed solution best fits your needs?
  9. If you are a local government, does the supplier have full OH&S training and local government “blue cards”?

10.  Are you paying a premium to subcontract the IT or electrical parts of the installation out to third parties?

11.  Does the system the supplier offers provide full scalability now and to meet possible unforseen future requirements?

12.  Is the system limited to just one brand/manufacturer?  Will it work/support almost any other device, sensor, camera or server?

13.  What frame rates are being delivered both live and recorded? Does the supplier understand what frame rate you require and can they deliver?

14.  What is your requirement for low light/night environments? Avoid cameras that have a high lux rating, anything above 1 lux may not suit your darkness requirements.

15.  Can you recognise a vehicle license plate or a face easily in a recorded image? If not, do you need/want to?

16.  Does the solution you are being offered react to events (eg: Pan, Tilt, Zoom to alert areas and send an SMS) or does it require monitoring to be effective?

17.  How long do you need to keep footage and does the system meet your requirements?

18.  Does the solution have significant and unacceptable black-spots or areas that are not covered?


Is Zenien the answer?

Contact us to find out!

Office: (08) 6460 4554

Cameron Watts
0417 989 372
Dennis Graesslin
0409 940 517

email: sales@zenien.com.au

Please note: Zenien can also offer independent consulting services to assess your tender, requirements or to provide project scope guidelines and have many years of experience in doing so.

Zenien highlighted in WALGA Western Councillor publication


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Zenien was recently highlighted in the Western Australian Local Government Association’s “Western Councillor” publication for our work in the installation of the GPAC CCTV system at Kooyong road in Rivervale.

To read the publication or find more information, please go to:


Kooyong Road Rivervale – CCTV system


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Zenien has completed and launched the Kooyong Road Rivervale CCTV project for the City of Belmont. The system was a pilot project for City of Belmont and Zenien, in partnership with Cary’s Electrical services was contracted to complete the design, installation and commissioning of the system. The project consisted of installing 2 pole mounted CCTV cameras with advanced anti-tamper measures an highly secure wireless networking links. The cameras were IP/Network based and communicated with a central server which can be monitored across the Internet using a web browser or an iPhone.

We also integrated numerous analogue cameras and added some internal IP based CCTV cameras to complete the solution. Furthermore, Zenien installed advanced triggering systems to detect alarm conditions and duress alerts in both commercial and residential locations. The GPAC system we installed has a myriad of actions based on set input or conditions, for example it can force cameras in the area to Pan/Tilt and Zoom to locations that are covering the area of interest or triggered location and at the same time alert guards to attend the area.

The system can be monitored across the Internet from any location and the systems superior software allows the WA Police to login to the system without requiring any additional software (generally forbidden for information security reasons).

Below are a few photos from the project. Wireless antenna arrayZenien PTZ Camera installationZenien PTZ CCTV Camera install 2

The system was launched by the City of Belmont Mayor and other esteemed guests on 20 November 2009. Zenien and ETCorp followed up with a hugely successful breakfast at Burswood on the 25 November 2009 which sparked much interest in the security/CCTV markets. Zenien is currently in discussions with a significant number of interested parties to see if our solution is suitable for their specific needs.

More details about the system and the case study associated can be found at


Case study/info:



Windows XP logs off straight after login from the welcome screen


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I had a client who rang me with a problem where whenever he logged in (click on a user icon from the Windows XP Welcome screen) it would attempt to login but would log off again before it showed the desktop. The problem was persistent for all user accounts and even in safe mode..

It ended up being caused by a virus or spyware caused problem… I fixed it by the following process

1. Booted up with the windows xp cd
2. Entered recovery (using R option when first prompted)
3. expand d:\i386\userinit.ex_ c:\temp
4. Copy c:\temp\userinit.exe c:\windows\system32
5. Copy c:\temp\userinit.exe c:\windows\system32\wsaupdater.exe

Reboot computer…

After the computer is rebooted, ensure that it has up-to-date Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware/Spyware software