Data Backups – Is your data protected?


Posted by admin | Posted in Computer Support | Posted on 13-09-2011

Everyday businesses lose their precious data due to hard drive failure, inadvertent deletion, or their unwanted action or event.  The result is a great deal of stress, anxiety, lost intellectual property, client information and lost revenue.

Your computer or server’s hard drive that stores all your data has moving parts, and in time your hard drive will wear out and fail…it’s just a matter of when.  You need to keep a copy of all your important data somewhere else.

We have found that while the price of hard drives has decreased significant so too has the longevity of many hard drives.

Apart from hard drive failure, there are many other likely scenarios that may result in the loss of your valuable files like power failure and spikes, or system and file corruption due to viruses, worm or other malicious attacks.

Zenien helps businesses across Perth ensure that their data is protected…If you are not sure that your backup system is working properly call us today on 6253 8999 for a free check of your backup system.